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>> Monday, September 27, 2010

According to Symantec Messaging and Web Security monthly report in August 2010, noted that spam is responsible for 92.51 percent of the total traffic message or email in August 2010. This figure was up last July, which reached 91.89 percent.

"In July 2010 Report, noted the importance of spammers send spam to malware," said a spokesman for Symantec, in its statement, September 26, 2010. "After a stop for months, with spam malware attacks are now emerging."

Symantec said the messages with malware are now back in one of the first threat against the threat of spam. An example is spam with *. zip file link.

"In addition to *. zip attachments, spam also comes with a belt *. html javascript that damage," says Symantec. "In terms of volume, Symantec says spam malware three times as attachments and spam increased Zip multiplied by 4 compared to the previous month .."

Overall, Symantec noted, phishing messages 11 percent compared to July "The addition is largely due Toolbox attack automatically," says Symantec.

Additionally, the site created by automated toolkit also increased to as much as 92 percent. Unique URLs edge to 3 percent and websites with the IP domain name (for example, a field like significantly increased by 147 percent.

"Web hosting services contributed 14 percent of phishing or total increased 1 percent from the previous month," says Symantec. "The number of phishing sites from non-English border to nearly 1 percent."

Among the non-phishing sites in English, site in French and Italian are the places most commonly found in spam in August.

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