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>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

The financial problems that threatens most families is enormous. University fees are rising and families who do not want their kids graduate with debt the size of a small link to see is seeking savings radical ideas.

At the same time tell them they need to save more for retirement and many are also confronted with the cost of caring for aging parents.

But while the need becomes more pressing save, the ability of people to do is to drop. Tax and national insurance are rising, inflation remains stubbornly high, the family allowance is frozen - and for some families will disappear altogether - and property prices, the long-cherished "out of jail free" card again middle attack . In other words, the "squeezed middle" did not have enough money.

So now it's time to try to return on your savings, whatever the risks to maximize? After all, many will struggle to their financial goals without double-digit returns.

We have several experts from investment they would look for future growth. This is a high risk strategy, of course. The areas that are most spectacular returns in the future to present is volatile and susceptible to complete eruption. You can make your fortune, or lose ground. Someone who is not a long investment horizon, a nerve or near retirement, the widows and orphans to join at the turn of the page of our secure options "box.

Investment ideas below have the potential to generate growth, but is not guaranteed to do so. Remember the Internet bubble of the nineties?

Many of these funds may not meet expectations, but one or two can overcome them. And those who make a point never to take a very small proportion of their wealth tied to the funds listed below.
Emerging Markets

The forces BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), with their dynamic economies, growing middle class and the abundance of raw materials, has the potential to be dominant in the future as markets of the West today. Those looking for an element of diversification to a global fund that invests in emerging markets businesses in a range of different countries buy. For a bet, you can buy a single country funds. Mick Gilligan of stockbroker Killik said that these funds have the potential to double your money within five to 10 years. Generalist emerging markets fund favored by advisers include those at Aberdeen, First State and Lazard.

Brazil is the driving force behind the fund - its economy is in good shape, property remains cheap and there is a credit market more and more. Ben Yearsley of Hargreaves Lansdown noticed that those in Latin America have invested their money has been doubled over the past 16 months. Mr Gilligan said Findlay Park Latin American look "promising" and managers have a good reputation in the American sector.

Risk Assessment: 7
CHINA especially true SITUATIONS

Do not buy now, said Mr Gilligan, as the mutual fund trading at a premium (its price is higher than the net asset value of underlying net), but this one could be a watchful eye to keep on. The long-term business to invest in China is well rehearsed and the fund has the advantage of being led by Anthony Bolton, who have no previous experience of the investment in this area, but has a solid reputation as a shrewd stock-picker that when ran Fidelity's special situations fund.

Risk Assessment: 7
Epicure QATAR

A niche market, but with growth potential, especially as Qatar is included in the index of leading emerging markets, which could lead to a dramatic re-rating. The fund invests in companies listed on the main stock market with good potential income, according to Mr Gilligan.

Risk Assessment: 7

If the Dragons Den in the testimony, the biggest gains to invest in start-ups grow into successful businesses. The risk of investing in a company is high, but you can invest in funds that spread your money in several private equity firms. Analysts rate

Electra Private Equity funds, saying that fund the storm that engulfed the private equity industry has weathered.

This investment trust is trading on AIM at a discount 40pcs invest in private equity in Russia is relatively illiquid. How can you more risky? But Mr Gilligan said that if the underlying investments made, those who bought at a price so low had the opportunity to effectively double their money in three years.

Risk Assessment: 7

Again, this is a capital trust AIM invested in private companies involved in "clean technology" and those who should benefit from rising demand from China. Consequently, some of its funds in Mongolian start-ups. Trading at a 10pc discount.

Risk Assessment: 8

Whether it's gold, timber, oil and wheat, commodities still have a profitable investment to prove, if volatile. Again, the whole argument is hard to ignore: the demand for limited resources increases, no doubt prices will go up? But politics and natural disasters can cause dramatic changes in the short term.

This mutual fund invests in a series of small oil companies primarily involved in exploration and development. These included Dana Petroleum, Premier Oil and Dragon. Mr Yearsley said it was one of the "spicier" funds he recommended. The growth potential is important, he added that one of the platforms for exploration of these are a viable business that can make a hundred increase in its share price generate. But exploration is often hostile environment, which can lead to enormous costs and more environmental hazards. Since its introduction six years ago, the fund has increased by 154pc, but this time faster growth and mask sudden drop.

Risk Assessment: 8
Agricultural Fund ECLECTICA

This fund invests in companies that produce or deal with a "soft" commodities such as wheat, and machinery and agricultural land. Darius McDermott of Chelsea Financial Services said: "It gives investors exposure through the food chain, pesticides for the sale of new tractors.

Risk Assessment: 9

For those who have a "high octane" play on this theme like, he suggested buying beursverhandelde funds (ETFs) that follow the price of a commodity like wheat, maize and cocoa.

Risk Assessment: 10

Foresight over a few venture capital trusts (VCT) that specializes in green investments and technology. CTV plus a recently launched Sun, previous investments include a plant for recycling plastic, food waste for fertilizer production and materials that can be used to store electricity.

A VCT, the underlying companies invested in should be relatively low, but the rewards for solutions to energy savings could be greater. John Davey BestInvest said: "Foresight has experience structuring and its commercial debt partly, also increase the risk."

Risk Assessment: 8


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