Steve James was the match-fixing storm that blew cancellations

>> Sunday, September 26, 2010

The season of 2010 was marked by allegations of corruption and of a general lack of quality through the relentless LEARNERS support needed. But there were moments, the brightness and efficiency of knowledge that gives hope for the future.

The good news is that Pakistan is not only planned for this country to reexamine until 2015. Perhaps even drove early to some, but at least the powers palliative time can be wrong at work.

It was a discouraging summer, there can be no doubt. We must not forget one thing, and it will be done England ICC World Twenty20 triumph, joy ads after 35 years of futility in the world tournament of their old season victories and the series reaches only a decade old Sharp even if A skin-drum-shape Championship Earl left.

Until the night of Saturday, August 28 there was a quiet season. The press was the bus to the street anxious murmurs about his lack of stories like the Gobi and shovels. Shahid Afridi took a pair against Australia at Lord's and immediately resigned the captaincy test was regarded as nothing rigor for Pakistan cricket.

And moth begins to fly on that fateful evening. A big storm was the creation of the collection. And it was just loose speculation - like the recent collaboration between the sun and the International Cricket Council, the most unlikely allies - rather more thoroughly investigated by the New World, with credible evidence. Cricket, corruption and WesternSkeldt were all holding hands, tea again.

Sadness is not all that the Grand was a surprise. Rumors cooled for a while after the Hansie Cronje case, but they are forcibly returned in recent years. Cricket vulgar rush of fresh money for the year of the greed in all the indigenous spread instilled a few dark, dirty corner of the New World is now a bright light dance.

The culprits are everywhere, from the Indian Premier League is simply wearing fur makes money and the cricket, a UN committee in England and Wales Cricket fry who thoughtlessly into bed with Stanford, where ICC provides us with another snorathon World Cup next year because it answered to the claims of a lucrative television contract.

Greed The Games has accelerated this year, both national and international practice so hard for the participants that the Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, benefitperformance would describe as any other act of masochism. It was only the worst hodgepodge remember.

schedule next year is still undecided. On Reunion, tea last Thursday there were important only a small majority in favor of a reduction in Twenty20 cricket matches, the 16-10 per ward. The responsibility is now transferred to the BC board next Wednesday.

That, although it was clear valve event point, the money just for the sole reason for the tour of Pakistan at the end of Almere. The show was really going.

Cricket to its capacity of resistance (and quite a crowd undeniable fact) shows, even after accusations baseless and outrageous rubbish Ijaz Butt against the English team a week ago. An athlete does not receive support more harmful About corruption.

His entry in the media is one thing, the other is the head of an opposition. Pique immediately to England was quite understandable.

But the action and justice is not necessary. Once consumed, the Butt of course a place in the backyard relaxation. They should now be summarily sacked as Pakistan team of the beaches on Thursday. We will succeed.

England has tried his best to help the homeless, but again, it was the biggest blow raspberries imaginable. Someone else can try.

For once, the ECB has merit. They had this situation with stoicism Gere, both acting with decision and dignity. They can say prom on the ground in the moral comfort, even as spat with Jonathan Trott Wahab Riaz was unnecessary. stock statesman Andrew Strauss and cash it, the captain had higher and higher.

And his English team can reflect to a great meal. Amid all the distractions, there are strict and professionalism shined.

There were special achievements. Test matches and Trott had a wonderful summer conditions the delicate hitter, Steven Finn Watch Report this future rather important, Stuart Broad reappeared hitter Matt Prior proved a high level, the drummer / Guardian, James Anderson thrives on the clouds, the growing presence and balance the ball like Benny Goodman, and any and Graeme Swann upset as Jim Laker.

In the one-day international batting Strauss The improved significantly, critics derided six Flame Eoin Morgan short stump was radiating at the end of the season last Wed

But there are other problems. Test attending this summer (342 000) was the lowest true in 2002. Yes, it was only one of his essays in summer rather than the usual September now, but this figure includes the general easily beyond 500,000.

There are lessons to be learned: do not play in Bangladesh not only play a test in a Chan, The Construction (Edgbaston), not play two consecutive tests in the Midlands and two in London did not begin testing an oval Wednesday . And so on.

The report of Deloitte content managed by a group consisting mainly of Administrators of the nine motives of the key, and often fatal interesting reading.

Enter the nine test sites in 2009 was the £ 91,000,000, £ 3,200,000 to PAYE and interest alone is frightening. Since 2000, these grounds for over 150 million pounds on facilities and another's is 56 million pounds Chantiers 2010-2014.

The system of bidding for the games are dangerously high. Competition for the ECB, which received £ 12000000 this year (and 14 million pounds and 2009) the ring. More takes the motivation of the test match.

The risk is transferred, and where you can ask at the end. Yorkshire in an almighty mess. Kent and other provinces such as Worcestershire smaller swing to the platform of the abyss.

Without the heavy rollers and an increase in marks for wins (16), which means less pressure sincere The 2002, not cricket rich entertainment and 2010 provided. But his quality? That's debatable. This side also has a Simple Gagné Who Worcestershire promotion in the championship is an obsession.

This is the Unicorns had their three games Bank40 The Clydesdale should raise immediate questions about the standard one-day cricket. At the end of Friends Provident, the T20 many players were like zombies. They are not necessarily to blame him. They could barely keep up with the pace of the treadmill is high herd.

The great many young people their ad invites Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes, James Vincent, Alex Hales, Oliver Hannon-Dalby, Chris Wood, Danny Briggs, Chesney Hughes, Jonathan and Nathan Buck Bairstow, others, like James Taylor James Harris, Chris Woakes and Moeen Ali unsubstantiated reputation, and some players a little more experienced, like James Adams, Adam Lyth and James Hildreth made amazing performance. Oh, Mark Ramprakash and ending with the most first class runs.

Not surprisingly, he favors the selectorial it. Some of the foregoing located in the Program Performance and Australia, some said. But now I tend to trust the reviewers. They barely miss a bad foot recently.

So England travel to well-chosen and well prepared and Australia. There is a time for moral removers, thank God. Investigations into corruption must GO FURTHER say, but the thoughts of England may turn elsewhere.

The only one's concern is now a source of concern to Australia.


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