All Hands on Baby

>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

Everyone wants the baby to touch, especially during pregnancy, but no request at all. If you have not noticed, as soon as you start to show a different stomach will be happy to show you. 

The stomach is the magnet for hands and everyone wants to face. It does not matter if you walk into a store, sitting in a restaurant or walking on your own street, someone is bound to start rubbing.

You are not the only one driven nuts by this either, take a look at your husband. Sure, it looks like a knight, but basically he's probably ready for someone to sit on the lights. Talk to your husband and see how he feels. Even if you do not mind, he would not like the hands of other people like you.

He could not care if a woman is your body to touch, but the thought of a man. Think about how you would feel if you see a woman, rubbing his hands on his chest while your husband. Maybe both of you can come to an agreement, after all, you do not let anyone touch the baby for?

Your belly, clothed or not is a personal space, you are someone trespassing inside you, but the person to greet him. But to actually touch the stomach of someone to ask before doing so and respect for your reply. If you do not want to touch, tell them.

Although some women do not mind the attention, there are other women who do not want their belly is touched, let alone that they appear for the world to see. Maybe she gained 10 pounds and feel conscious enough about it, or they could be a very private person.

Children can touch the belly, normally it's because they know someone who had a baby and they were able to do so. If you do not like it, let them know. If you do not mind, could you their hand on your stomach. Children tend to be excited and banged his stomach when they try to achieve.

Forget rubbing the belly for a while, make sure you get the person who likes things to printing. This hurts more than anything and half the time they do not get it. Try explaining to them that although you can not hurt. They may do it because they want the baby moves to watch and when you jump they think it is part of the response of pregnancy. They might think twice before doing it again for you or anyone else.

If nothing seems to work and yet you are polished to know that your stomach is off limits, please do not hesitate to illness of your husband or leave chasing it. You've given fair warning. Do not feel bad if you hit a person that your shirt in broad daylight bring. This is a normal reaction and people should really think twice before doing so. They would not do if you're not pregnant.


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