BBC staff in the Conservative Party conference next week

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daily Telegraph - Journalists, technicians and other broadcasting staff voted to strike on 06/05 October - when the Conservatives gathered in Birmingham, where Mr Cameron will make his speech.

The action, announced by BECTU, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and Unite, is scheduled to return on 19/20 October, when the chancellor George Osborne, details of spending cuts to reveal the Comprehensive Spending Review.

But unions said they had a "significant improvement" offer on pensions received.

Gerry Morrissey, general secretary of broadcasting workers' union BECTU, said the improved offer would have given a vote of members.

strike next week was canceled, but there is the danger of a strike later this month as the deal was rejected.

Mr Morrissey said a strike planned for Oct. 19 and 20 would continue until the vote was called, and trade unions have decided to take a strike deadline of October 25 and 26 to add.

Mr Morrissey said: "We have a significantly improved offer by the BBC, which we believe is the best that can be negotiated to reach if accepted, all shares will be canceled, but if it is rejected, strike itself . place. We welcome the move of the BBC. "

The strike call came after the announcement of plans for the BBC pensionable salary up to 1% in April and pensions revalued at a lower level, which unions say pensions already a devaluation limit obtained.

BBC management said the changes were needed to try a big deficit to remove pensions of more than £ 1.5 billion.

Earlier, Ed Miliband, Labour Party leader, the staff of the BBC not the words of David Cameron's party conference darkened by the strike next week.

He said the intérêt''d'impartialité équité''discours and Prime Minister should be broadcast on television and radio.

His call follows warnings that the personal risk to give the impression trompeuse''''qu'ils not impartial when they strike at the conference of the Conservative Party.

Mr Miliband said:''Whatever the rights and wrongs of the dispute between (Broadcasting Union) BECTU and the BBC, they should not be darkening the Prime Minister's speech.

''My speech was seen and heard on the BBC and in the interest of fairness and equity, and the Prime Minister should be.''

Mr Miliband has narrowly defeated his older brother David in the leadership race of the work by supporting unions.

His statement will be considered an early sign that he did not believe he was cut at its policy.

Mark Thompson, BBC director-general staff. "Impartiality is the password and do not want the misleading impression that it is not something we are very valuable to be clear to give, it is not a reaction to the principle of equality.

"There are two questions I urge staff to think: Is this the right moment to strike, these days, these questions are the right individual for the staff to consider in the coming days".

Some of the most prominent speakers from the BBC was also warned about the timing of strikes in a letter.

The letter, signed by Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman and BBC political editor Nick Robinson, among others, said the move "risks looking needlessly partisan."

Last month, the chairman of the Conservative Baroness Warsi wrote to Mr. Thompson sought to ensure that the planned strike action would not violate the rules of impartiality by the shadow of the conference.


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