Breastfeeding during pregnancy

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In a pregnancy does not mean you should stop breastfeeding your child. Long ago, doctors believed it actually took nutrients from the baby inside you, but it's not the case. 
Even today we have people who believe this and they will discuss with you all the time. Only you can decide if you should stop breastfeeding your child or not. Do not let anyone else make that decision for you.

Reasons to quit
A few reasons you might want to stop breastfeeding may be if you feel constantly drained of energy. Or maybe your child has begun to bite. Sometimes your milk will just dry up, this is what your body tells you he has had enough and take a break. Mastitis can play an important role to ensure that you stop immediately as well. Mastitis is an infection in the chest when it is not enough and engorged.

Stop or Wean
If you're not going to stop because you're pregnant, make sure it's for the right reasons. If your child has a certain age, it might be better. But never simply pull away from them. Your child may wonder why it was removed. I wonder if they have done something or become discouraged about the new baby comes. Some children decide to wean, which is of great help to you and you will not feel so guilty. You can choose to do cold turkey or slowly wean him / her. Cold turkey can have bad results. Try feeding her time at certain hours to reduce and gradually as time passes more to go. Your child will quickly stop on its own and it will not be a traumatic event.

Continue to feed
If you plan to continue to breastfeed while you are pregnant, talk to your doctor about this. Not all the time that the doctor would agree with your decision. Sometimes he / she can work in your health to see that you do. Listen carefully to see if it is a health reason or simply his own beliefs. If it is the belief of doctors, you can always try one agree with you. Pregnancy is hard enough at times, you know someone in your corner is relieved stress. Do not be surprised if your family and friends to say something about this and they will probably give you all sorts of tips on how to stop and what they read. Nice to explain that it is your decision and you do what you think is best for your children. Try a support group in your area if you are someone to vent or talk about these issues. See if there is a La Leche League near you or online that you can join.

Remember that if you take care of yourself and your body, you will be able to safely breastfeed while pregnant.


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