Zodiac Compatibility

>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

So there's something about the compatibility of the zodiac. Your astrological sign really have anything to do with who your ideal companion. Or who is best friend for you. Is there a reason why some siblings are rivals for life, while others are as close as twins.

Consider the author, who is a Virgo, although atypical Virgo (we think). Her sister is a Capricorn, and according to astrology experts, we are in phase with Capricorn. In fact, the writer and his sister and literally opposite sides of the same coin.

We have the same dreams! And we know when others are any problems. We call each other at odd times, only to discover that the other was in trouble or need help or advice or counsel. We do not know it consciously, but it works that way.

Then there was her husband or ex-husband, to be exact. It was a Libra and maybe we should have done research on astrology we are married. In an article we read in Libra, he said: "No chance." How true, true!

So if you make the decision about your life partner based on astrology. Well, it does not hurt an objective inquiry before taking such a milestone. If you do not want someone on the basis of his date of birth, to reject, a good horoscope help you with some clues about the nature of his that you can not come back all by yourself.

And when they do something that completely mystifies you, perhaps a little basic knowledge of astrology will help you decipher what happened and help you communicate better. And it's never a bad thing, no matter what resources you use to improve communications.


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