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Leos (July 23 to 22 August) is one of the kings of the zodiac. They are spacious and warm, creative, loyal and loving. 

They can be arrogant and dominant, however. In Greek mythology, Leo was the lion that Hercules killed as the first of its 12 labor. Leos are spontaneous and extroverted. As the king of beasts, they want to lead and good leaders. They have strong intelligence and can be philosophical or religious.

The age of Leo in the astrological year Grande was between 10,750 and 8600 BC. It is characterized by the Stone Age, and the first cities (Jericho).

A group of lions is called a pride, and it is a function of the Leo personality and sometimes to his detriment. But Leos are very disciplined and rarely a distinctive personality to get out of control.

They are warm and trusting partners, but can be very painful and leave if this trust is abused. They have a strong libido that can make it difficult for them to stay with one partner for long.

Leos like the center of attention and has a powerful ego. They can be resentful if they are not the center of attention. Leos sometimes necessary to remember that less is more, they can draw as much attention as they stop trying so hard to get it. It's that pride thing again.

There are many, many Leos in the arts and theater. Some of them include Zelda Fitzgerald and Alexandre Dumas, Andy Warhol, Neil Armstrong, Roman Polanski and Robert DeNiro.

Which characters are the best and worst results for the Lions. Surprisingly, the best match is Aries, even if you think two headstrong signs like these two would not be a good pair. But it is their strength of character and passion that makes them a good pair. The worst sign for Leo is a Virgo. Leos tend to be slightly more dominant than is good for Virgin.


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