Review by the group of Yemeni al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has issued a list of tips on how to kill Americans.

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A shot at random in a crowded restaurant in Washington, DC lunch ... could end up a few officials to save a page is as follows, according to the private SITE Intelligence Group, which reviews, monitors and analyzes the global jihad network and terrorist financing.

The edition also includes "the ultimate cutting machine," which describes how a van to use he said "like a lawnmower, cutting grass, cutting, but the enemies of Allah." Maximum Carnage To achieve this you must pick up as much speed as you can while maintaining good control ... At the strike as many people as possible in your first race.

The magazine includes two articles by renegade American spiritual Anwar Al-Awlaki, who at a U.S. government kill or capture list for his alleged role in the attempted bombing of aircraft Christmas Day, and inspiring the shooting of 13 Fort Hood soldiers. Staff of the Army Nidal Hassan was accused in the murder.
There is also a part of the so-called American al Qaeda Adam Gadahn.

Another American, Samir Khan, described how he went from jihadists online in North Carolina full-time terrorists in Yemen. The article is titled: "I am proud to be a traitor to America."
Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has taken root in the province of Shabwa Yemen remote and mountainous, far from the extent of the low country of the central government.

The group got up the agenda of the security of the United States and other world powers after he was linked to the failed attempt on Christmas Day on a plane to Detroit USA. Candidates for the attack, explosives sewn into his underwear.

The content of the magazine reveals the strategy evolution of the group rejects easier to stop the attacks spectacular for the work of a man, using everyday objects.
It shows the organization is "more agile, lethal and opportunistic," says Christopher Boucek Yemeni scholar of the Carnegie Foundation.

The first issue contains an article entitled "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mother."
In the introduction to last year, the editors boast of the recent evaluation of the United States of America, "said Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" one of the most dangerous branch of al-Qaeda. " He concludes: "You have not seen anything like it."


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