Mazlan Othman ready for an ambassador from Earth to space.

>> Monday, September 27, 2010

Ambassador of a country is generally regarded as the country represents in friendly countries. But this time a little strange resonance. United Nations (UN) Ambassador of the Planet Earth into space area.
As reported by issue of September 26, 2010, when the plan is approved, the UN named astrophysicist Malaysia, Mazlan Othman, Ambassador of Planet Earth received visitors from outer space creatures.

The wife of 58 years is intended to be used as a first point of contact with a strange planet. If there are aliens who would land on earth and said, "Take me to your leader," then they will be directed to Mazlan Othman.

Othlan submit proposed details of his new assignment to the Conference of Societu Royal, Buckinghamshire, England. Othlan asked to do research on new discoveries, including hundreds of new planets orbit. Hope that the results could be better than existing ones.

Mazlan Othman himself is currently the head of a small office of the United Nations in space, or known by UNOOSA Outer Space Affairs. In an interview with some scientists, Othman said: "The search for extraterrestrial advanced by several companies, hoping that one day people will be a signal from extraterrestrials receive maintenance."

Professor Richard Crowther, space law expert for the British National Space Agency delegation led by the UN, said: "Othman is the man who could lead foreigners to meet people .."

Plans for a UN ambassador for the area, including meetings with strangers in the debate at the United Nations Scientific Advisory Committee. Therefore, this plan goes through the first public hearing.

In the year Space Treaty, 1967, UN members agreed to the ground to protect against contamination of exotic species "sterilize" them.

Controversial scientist Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that people should be carefully related to foreigners. Indeed, Hawking thinks alien beings on a large boat and use all the resources of the planet.

They will spread in the soil. The expansion was, "It is much larger than Columbus landed in America and not good for the Indians," Hawking said in an opportunity.


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