More terrorists in Northern Sumatra

>> Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deli Serdang: The police chief of northern Sumatra, the Inspector-General Oegroseno, said he accepted that the terrorists that the police headquarters in Hamparan Perak, Tanjung Belawan attacked, is still region.

A senior officer of the elite anti-terror special detachment 88 says the same thing.

"My feeling is that they are still there," said Oegroseno reporters at the headquarters of Hamparan Perak yesterday.

Oegroseno visited the crime scene the four members of the House of Representatives of the Judiciary Committee to accompany the area to visit.

Members of the commission, Oegroseno said police are still hunting the terrorists.

Hamparan the Perak police headquarters were attacked by gunmen on Wednesday morning 12.

Three policemen were killed.

Two days ago, 88 Densus arrested 16 terrorists in Medan, Tanjung Balai and Hamparan Perak.

The motive for the attack was supposed to be revenge.

A senior official at Densus , "There are still terrorist groups in northern Sumatra. Thus, the area as a zone of status quo of a terrorist group determined."

"The intelligence team Densus not yet withdrawn from there," he said.

The source said there was no supervision team, but the bomb squad police headquarters.

They are in one place, ready and waiting for orders the alleged terror group to arrest.


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