Britain is facing a rising tide of online crime

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sir Paul Stephenson, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said organized crime gangs are increasingly turning to the Internet, looking for illegal profit.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, he said forces face tighter budget should be cut off score of specialists such complex crimes Bobbies on time keeping, adding that "officers in uniform will not be sufficient to secure the streets."

Sir Paul said he would "fundamentally wrong" broad support efforts against crime that the Internet growth in online shopping and banking, more Britons than ever vulnerable to electronic fraud.

He warned: "My investigators tell me the expertise available to law enforcement is thin compared with the skills they suspect to be available-for cyber criminals."

The warning comes after 11 suspects were charged last week in London and 37 in New York on the outcome of the investigation a year Operation Trident offense related to the Met, and the FBI.

Detectives believe a global network of fraud stole 70 million dollars (44 million pounds) from online bank accounts using the Zeus Trojan, malware spread through e-mail that infected thousands of computers and had access to passwords.

Five suspects arrested over the Ukraine reported that bullying.

In another case, another serious cyber-fraud trial begins next week.

Sir Paul said organized criminals are "awakening to the benefits and uses of e-crime" as an easier way to extort more money, adding: ". The crime lord Tony Soprano modern style will be an expert on cybercrime in hand is "

However, he revealed that the 385 officers in England and Wales spent online at work, 85 percent, the struggle against human trafficking and child pornography - which is less than 60 to fight against financial crimes including bank fraud.

The police are stretched to their share of public sector cutbacks, the Police Federation said that as many as 40,000 jobs could be abolished in England and Wales over the next four years.

Warning against the political pressure the number of police officers in uniform to keep Sir Paul said of professional work on e-crimes are "invisible agents, so far as the public and some politicians are involved."


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