EA Removes Taliban Medal of Honor

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

EA and Medal of Honor developer Danger Close Studios has decided to remove all references to the Taliban in the multiplayer mode of its upcoming game.

In a statement, the executive producer of the game Greg Goodrich said the decision to the enemy soldiers named as "Opposing Force" was taken in the light of comments received from the developer of the soldiers and their families.

"In recent months we have received comments from around the world in terms of multiplayer games of Medal of Honor," said Goodrich. "We have scores of players, active military and friends and families of men and women currently deployed in foreign countries. The majority of these reactions is very positive. To do this, the Medal of Honor team is deeply grateful."

But we also have comments from friends and relatives of the fallen soldiers who expressed concern about the inclusion of the Taliban in the multiplayer part of our sport. This is a very important vote for the team Medal of Honor. It's a voice that earn the right to be heard. It's a voice that is important to us. For this reason, and because still the heartbeat of Medal of Honor lived in respect for U.S. soldiers and allies, we decided to make the opposing team Medal of Honor multiplayer Taliban Opposing Force change. "

"While it does not change to become players directly as it does not fundamentally change the game, we do this change for men and women who serve in the military and the families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice - This franchise will never willfully violated , intentionally or not, your memory and your service. "

"To all who serve - we appreciate you, thank you, and we take for granted, and the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines currently deployed in a foreign country, stay safe and come home.".

Medal Of Honor was criticized for portraying the conflict in Afghanistan in a video game. Liam Fox, the Defense, called on game retailers in the UK to refuse Medal of Honor, the relationship with players and British troops to kill as Taliban soldiers to sell. EA said that these reports were false and that British troops are not in the game


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