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>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

The theme of the show tonight was "Musical Heroes". Fine, except that some of these heroes is unlikely, surreal or just fun. Unfortunately, it proved one of the most fun a performance under par.

First, a boy band song Directorate not covered by Westlife or Take That, but pasty Texan diva Kelly Clarkson. Thatch Matt "The Hat" Cardle confessing a love for guitar rock credibility, but chose a Hawaiian-born affected by R & B Dealer Bruno Mars. We doubt duo Diva Fever had even heard of Boney M disco German giants Simon Cowell on the skin tendered their words. Most absurd of all, we are asked to believe that the pale girl band Belle Amie are fans of The Kinks. Anyone with pictures of the foursome nodded along the arc of baroque pop classic 1968 concept album The Village Green Preservation Society to make us eat Cardle hat.

A sideshow of the strangeness was constant bickering between the judges. On each side of the table, ladies pantomime Louis Walsh and Cowell, they usually come bitch bookends. Cheryl Cole in, dig Cowell meets his fake tan with a comment about his teeth whitened. Everyone has a pop at the song choices together. It was almost like they knew it was a night a little dull, it has more than 150 minutes with commercial breaks do not know how much, and desperately trying our interest levels. Sixteen acts were too much to take in shows. Reform could triple or quadruple time called this weekend.

outstanding performance tonight was sweet Scouse soulstress Rebecca Ferguson and Tesco worker Mary Byrne, who belts out another large-rushed, gooseflesh-inducing ballad. One Management have all eyes Spaniel, hair disheveled clothes and Top Man, but judging by the cries hairy hosting their every move - not the sponsorship of the master to call svengali Cowell - look like real contenders.

Moody Aiden Grimshaw, strongly tipped, missed too many notes, and looks mortified, but was honest enough to admit he was until the last Cardle imprudently without his hat "a bit rubbish." brand. After seeing his bouffant hair and the square head Cowell-esque in widescreen, its designers certainly correct that mistake next time.


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