Speculation about Hillary Clinton's continued presidential ambitions go well

>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fear and hatred in the American political system is not limited to anti-tax Tea Party. Across the spectrum of the Democratic Party, any color, it is also clear.

With two weeks to go to the midterm, the Democrats moderate "Blue Dog" is in big trouble. the party "yellow dog" in the arms granted by the White House "critics hippie. Even bloggers warn black President Barack Obama, they will not "pimp" for him.

In this temperature atmosphere in the party, he is a figure whose democratic soothing sounds can help to calm down - the big dog himself, former President Bill Clinton. I caught up with him in Española, New Mexico, home of the first European colony in America last week and is in great shape vintage.

Gone is the red face, Bill stirring fingers that I live in South Carolina in early 2008, when he exploded in anger at being accused of racism by Obama allies like the Democratic nomination slipped fingers his wife Hillary. Instead, the bill Española seen ice, a man is justified by the events and who knows he is right to warn against the shortcomings of Obama.

The case, where nearly 4,000 people crammed into the town square, was Diane Denish, the Democratic candidate for governor. Behind in the polls, his support Hillary against Obama in 2008, Bill returned to the debt.

The bill, hoarse voice, but with a gleam in his eyes, said his case was 80 years. He explained that he was representing the campaign - and it was not Obama. "I plan to do a stop for everyone who contributed to Hillary for president because she is one of only two members of the Cabinet of the President who can not participate in politics," he said.

As secretary of state, he reminds people not allowed to campaign. "I went out and began to stir around here and I realize that many people were angry and even more confused and I do not want on my conscience that I just loaded and started walking."

The Clintons are undoubtedly some unusual. past indiscretions on the part Bill is legendary and their work - he is now a world-trotting philanthropist - that these days they see themselves less often than the average American is going to the dentist.

Yet they stay together (who would have thought that marriage unravels Gore first?) And a remarkable political tag team.

repetition energetic bill on the election campaign comes just as rumors, some of them eagerly fed by the Clinton campaign, Hillary turbulence that replaces the hapless Joe Biden as Obama running mate Vice-President in 2012 or even challenge the President on the Democratic nomination If his popularity continues to decline.

Neither option makes much sense for Hillary, whose performance as foreign minister, which she was in favor of U.S. military and try the backbone of Obama in Afghanistan to strengthen the fans, even on the right.

Is vice president would attach to Obama on domestic policy. Thanks to the good political fortune (not designed to be called), she was absent from this area for the past two years, meaning that no fingerprints on the Clinton health care unpopular, rescue plan or Recovery Act.

Hillary married to Obama - it would have been different had appeared politically stupid - but his work strategically means it can stay away from most of what he does.

It appears that Hillary is out of town on 2 November, when the Democrats expect a crush at the polls. It's all over the world, in fact, a tour included stops in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The message is clear: "Nothing to do with me!" Obama's Challenge in 2012, even though it is in a desperate situation would be extremely risky in an effort to become the first black president at times would be divided into two Democrats and nearly. ensure a Republican victory, even if Hillary wins the nomination. This is a non-start.

But 2016 was different. No one takes his denials of wanting to perform at their nominal value and help calm down on this, she always her eyes on the White House. His former strategist Mark Penn recently surveyed its popularity compared to Obama.

Bill stump speeches to help lay the groundwork for a campaign in 2016. His presence on the campaign trail, often in the areas of the country where Obama was not so popular, strengthens the argument that the 2008 Clinton (in terms of power politics, it is pointless to separate consideration) to reach Obama sites not.

It also seems that the wounds of the epic battle between Obama and Clinton in 2008, not healed. Conspicuous by its absence from Española was Bill Richardson, now governor of New Mexico, who had publicly accused of being a "Judas" by James Carville, the Clinton Consigliere, Obama support. Richardson was never mentioned by Denish and former president.

After trying something new and shiny in the person of Obama and been disappointed, many Democrats are now the Clinton nostalgia. "We Miss Thrill of the bill" an important sign reads in Spanish.


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