To Apply For A New Country, Just A Flag

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some recent news has been shocking. One report claimed that "China and Japan could start driving in World War III" shared the top slot on a news site with a story that Paris Hilton his tour of Asia have canceled I was.

Furious. Why do they take us interested in useless trivia to the level people? If I wanted to know when the third world war started, I have a Google Alert to tell me.
But a correspondent known as Beijing Blogger told me that a few new drama about a related topic. China now has the sea: "Have you not heard, our government has planted a flag on the seabed last week." It has a link to a video clip that a red flag planted under water.
I thought it was a bit cheeky, but his defense of the action thus: "In 2007 the Russians planted a flag on the Arctic. And the United States an American flag to place on the moon in 1969. So why we can not see? "
I was surprised. United States, known as G3 or BB (group of three "or" big bullies ") are legions of flags claiming everything. What about the rest of us?
We, the rabble, the need to make a claim in the name of humanity, or a charity such as Save the Children and Christian Aid. "Nobody has claimed the sun," said one reader, who is 12 years. But withdrew the idea, with the explanation: "I can not do when I got home by eight."
A reader suggested we use a flag to claim the UNICEF Diaoyu / Senkaku Islands, rocks very controversial as China and Japan are now fighting over, and they give to charity. "We may be a third world war be avoided," he said. I told him: "It would be a rational response to a difficult problem. So it may never happen."
The idea came from another child wildest. "Let's plant a flag in the air," said a young girl of 14 years. "No one has said." The idea was so stupid it was great Heaven. Sure .. But how?
I consulted the experts. "If you have something to dwell over the same spot on earth, you need 36,000 miles to be separated from the geostationary orbit, also known as the Clarke Orbit, named after Arthur C. Clarke said Thomas Seifert player, one of those people who have everything know.
Another reader said if we say that the air for mankind, we all have a U.S. cent to simplified management, and we would have enough money collected all world problems by noon tomorrow.
The last step was a lawyer to send to see if there are gaps in our plan. "It's very good," the answer, two hours later "Except for one thing .. planting a flag gives you a place where no legal rights whatsoever. It's a trick, a stunt, a symbolic measure the gullible fool to it. You're not fooled, were you? "

I have not answered this question. Instead, I Blogger in Beijing with a JPG attachment of a flag and a note: "I take possession of your room on behalf of the Democratic Republic of the Dontundistan. We will pay if you give us the sea."


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