The U.S. Is a Terror Alert To Reach Out To All Americans in Europe

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

The State Department is expected to have a warning on Sunday to issue the seriousness with which officials of the United States takes the threat of Qaeda attacks in Europe in the new all reflect. Britain, France and Germany is considered the greatest risk to be.

Senior American diplomats who report to the Minister for Hillary Clinton today in Washington, the wording of the warning discussed.

It is intended for travelers from the United States, extra precautions when visiting tourist destinations, transportation centers and other likely terrorist targets, The Sunday Telegraph has learned to put to light.

The State Department should not be a travel warning advising Americans against travel to Europe, however. Representatives of Great Britain and other major European countries were informed of the warning probably new.

Even a big new warning was pressure on the European tourism industry. But the administration of President Barack Obama believes that the threats are credible and strong enough that it should be hot to make to American citizens.

In Britain, an official at Whitehall said there were "no plans to change the threat level in the UK."

Spokesperson U. S. State Department PJ Crowley would not comment on the case. But he said the Obama administration remains focused on the dangers of Al-Qaeda against U.S. interests and take the necessary steps to protect Americans.


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