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Well, sometimes we're not sure what right these astrological profiles. I mean, think of the Virgo (August 23 to September 22) that the authors of Intrepid. 

Virgos are generally considered to be very buttoned-down be methodical and meticulous. Gish. Accurate and reliable. I wonder if my mom would not lie about my birthdate. I'm on that puff and they come as far as methodical, I never do anything the same way twice.

Anyway, you Virgos archetype, here is your profile, according to experts.
Now, intelligent and analytical, we can agree. He said that we care and can be difficult to land as a partner. Maybe that's why we write it Saturday night when all these Pisces and Aquarius meet up there.

The age of the Virgin in the year of the astrologers' Great to have 13,000 to 10,750 BC Not much to do there .. It was the end of the Ice Age (well, we also feel as fresh and away -.. it seems) It was also characterized by breeding a culture of hunter-gatherers and clay pots were discovered in artifacts from this period of time it is the first use of agriculture by man ... There, women are Virgo. represented by a woman, you know. The only sign of the zodiac that.

Best for Capricorn and Virgo is the worst is Aquarius. One thing that some experts say about Virgin is that, even if they seem cool and spread, they can not hide the emotion that is almost too intense. We are so grateful that someone recognizes that we need to lose and cry in a corner somewhere for a few minutes.

Some of our favorite writers and other celebrities is Virgin. Leonard Bernstein, Mary Godwin Shelley (author of "Frankenstein"), Margaret Trudeau and ... Mickey Mouse!
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