Women struggling to catch up on wages

>> Monday, October 11, 2010

The movement towards equal pay for men and women appear to be "stalled", according to the report, the correct way to Britain?
He says the pay gap between the sexes has decreased over the past 30 years, but progress seems to be "arrested" with women working full time earned 16.4 percent less than men.
The pay gap between the sexes was lowest for children under 30 years, rising more than five times by the time workers reach 40.
Some ethnic minorities and disabled people suffer from a "malicious merit punishment."
Women without qualifications face a loss of 58 percent in income during their lifetimes than their children. All women aged 40 years earned 27 percent less than men the same age, the commission said.
The report said: "Young women have a higher average levels than their male counterparts, but women are less likely than men in senior positions and more likely to find themselves in the roles, especially roles of the time part that is not fully using their skills. "
Differences continue to retire, with 60 percent of women reach the age of state pension law in 2008 unless the full basic state pension, compared with 10 percent of men.
The conviction rate for rape was "stubbornly low". Victims in more than 90 percent of reported rapes of women, the report said.
She said: "Despite improvements, rape is still significantly under-reported and the conviction rate has remained stubbornly low - worse than for similar crimes, like other forms of sexual assault."


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