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>> Tuesday, October 12, 2010


When it comes to personal blogging, documentary isenter by default. There are many blogsother features, but many blogs are primarily catalogslives and experiences of the author. AlthoughA few blogs that focus on poetry and the collectionother forms of creative writing, the vast majority ofpersonal blogs are in a sense documentary.

For many years, the act of making a documentary wasintended to provide an objective measure of information and websitessounds that the filmmaker, writer, photographer orencountered. But in modern times, thereA motion to take the subjectiveinherent in documentary form. This means thatmodern documentaries often reflect the distinctive charactervoice and opinions of their creator, and the fact thatToday documentaries often revolve around personalityblurs the boundaries between documentary and memory. Blogsrest somewhere between these two genera, disturbeddistinctions even further. Personal blogdocumentary, and the memory is now irrevocablyintertwined, for better or for worse.

Although some bloggers see themselves asdocumentaries in the formal sense, every timesomeone sitting in front of a computer and the typesrecords of the day, it is their own documentshistorical moment. The things we take for grantedour daily lives, like how we use specificfashion, or types of productswe buy, often seem quite fascinating to people who livein circumstances different from ours, and this kindof the charm at the heart of many documentaryprojects. When people think about bloggingdocumentary is not very likely to the first adjective isover their heads, but a few decadesway, it is very likely that the blogs will be seen todaymainly as a very subjective documentaries of our era.The people of tomorrow will almost certainly turnblogs of today to understand our historytime.

When it comes to blogs, the documentary is notwith the goal of most people who spend their time insteadtheir thoughts and ideas on the Internet. In some respects,the documentary aspect of blogs is more than one sidefact that the main objective. But the fact that bothmany people are interested in publishing these publiconline diaries shows that personal blogs are about moreas rumination. The fact that bloggers are sostimulated and interested in sharing their ideas withthe other reinforces the idea that personal blogs;some ways, documentaries for publicconsumption. Documentary to appeal to people whocurious about other ways of life, and many peopleregularly read others personal blogs are looking for thissame kind of new perspectives.


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